Jennifer Cerutti, Fine Artist

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"It is important to express oneself...provided the feelings are real and are taken from you own experience." Berthe Morisot

Jennifer Cerutti, Fine Artist

My passion is to work in oil, but I have explored a variety of materials including printmaking, book arts, sequential, digital and mixed media. I created a series of mixed media pieces where I juxtaposed various symbolic elements to create intriguing visual statements which communicate key events in my life, events which have affected and changed me on a deep level. These pieces, along with other works, touch on broader themes of youth, beauty, power and blame. Many of my works explore the roles which internal thoughts, perceptions and life issues play within interpersonal relationships.

My work is influenced by Romantic artists such as Goya and Caspar David Friedrich. I appreciate Goya for his honesty. Particularly intriguing to me is his series “Los Caprichos” where Goya uses metaphor and archetypal characterizations to illustrate current issues and problems affecting himself and others in his day. Friedrich uses the sublime to convey the unexplainable and spiritual nature of the landscape.

My paintings and mixed media work represent the exterior face of who I am. The books represent my inner life. My symbolic work explores reactions I’m experiencing to personal circumstances. My sky and landscape paintings are meant to evoke an emotional and spiritual response beyond explanation. My handmade books are journalistic and offer a peak into somber topics which often inform other works. These books are darker in tone than the light filled, colorful sky and landscape paintings. The images in my books are carefully rendered using subtle line, value and some text. I realize that while sometimes the truth is not always ideal, and expressing it is sometimes risky. My experiences and feelings, expressed by the art I make, open the way to converse with others on a deeper level.

Curriculum Vitae



Somewhere Else Coffeehouse, El Cajon, CA

Karen Allen Day Spa, Corona, CA
Bella Art Gallery, Lake Elsinore, CA
Off The Wall Art, Rancho San Diego, CA

Foothills Art Gallery, La Mesa, CA

Foothills Art Gallery, La Mesa, CA

Group Shows

Advanced Painting Exhibition, SDSU

Flor y Canto Gallery, SDSU

St. Clair Gallery, El Cajon, CA
San Diego Art Institute Regional Artists Show, CA

San Diego County Fair,* CA
Cuyamaca College Exhibition of Art,* CA
San Diego Hospice, CA
San Diego Art Institute, CA

Silver Creek Fine Art, CA
Cuyamaca College Exhibition of Art,* CA

Bonita Art Museum, CA
Gallery 21, Spanish Village, San Diego, CA
San Diego County Fair, CA

University Heights Arts Open, CA
Palomar College Art Gallery SDMA Artists Guild, CA

East County Art Association,* CA

San Diego Museum Of Art Artist Guild Fine Art Festival I, CA
Lake Elsinore Women’s Club,* CA
San Diego Hospice, CA

San Diego Art Institute Regional Artists Show,* CA
San Diego County/Del Mar Fair, CA
East County/El Cajon Art Association,* CA
Foothills Art Gallery,* CA
Lake Elsinore Art and Wine Festival, CA
Blossom Valley Art and Garden Tour, CA
Descanso Art and Garden Show, CA
St. Marks Religious Art Festival,* CA

San Diego Art Institute, CA, San Diego County/Del Mar Fair,* CA,
East County/El Cajon Art Association, CA, Foothills Art Gallery,* CA
El Cajon International Friendship Festival*, The Olde Ramona Hotel,* CA

San Diego County/Del Mar Fair,** CA
Foothills Art Gallery,*** CA

San Diego Art Institute, CA
San Diego County/Del Mar Fair,* CA
Foothills Art Gallery,* CA

San Diego Art Institute Regional Artist’s Show, CA


“Buford’s Rose” and “...and the Light Shines...” Collection of McMillin Companies

“16 years” featured as the cover for the Drawing Manual for level 1 drawing classes at Cuyamaca College, 2007

Interview, Neighbors News 2003

"Child of Promise" and "Harmony" featured in the civic groups chapter of “La Mesa Through The Years” 2001

Creative Arts Newsletter an AOL newsletter. The Crest Sun, Community Newsletter, 2001

*Denotes award granted

Formal Education

Art/Multimedia, Studio, Ed-Tech San Diego
State University, CA 2010–Present

Associates Degree/Fine Art Cuyamaca College,El Cajon, CA 2010

General Education James Madison High, San Diego, CA 1989

Teaching Experience

Trainer, Getting Started With Your Mac Apple Store, UTC 2012–Present

High School Art Teacher Heartland Christian High School, Spring Valley, CA 2007–2010

Art History Tutor Tutoring Center Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, CA 2007–2010

Art History Teaching Assistant Prof. John Abel, Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, CA 2007–2011

Oil Painting Instructor Jennikai Studio (various locations), CA 2001–Present

Lake Community Center, Lake Elsinore, CA 2003–2004

Art Docent Crest Elementary School, El Cajon, CA 2002

Flying Hills Elementary School 1998

Supplemental Education

Tutor Certification Cuyamaca College
El Cajon, CA 2007

Drawing Workshop Duke Winsor
ECAA, El Cajon, CA 2006

Oil Painting Workshop Andre Rushing
ECAA, El Cajon, CA 2005

Portrait Workshop Jack Jordan
ECAA, El Cajon, CA 2005

Understanding Dreams and Visions
Institute For Spiritual Development, Oceanside CA 2005

Oil Painting Mentorship Dorene Terryberry
Fallbrook, CA 1998–2001